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French baguette

French baguette

French baguette

Ingredients: high grade wheat flour, drinking water, sugar, margarine (hydrogenated refined deodorized vegetable fat, refined deodorized palm and sunflower oils, drinking water, table salt, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, esters of polyglycerides and fatty acids, soy lecithin ), β-carotene dye, preservative sorbic acid, acidity regulator lactic acid, antioxidant butylhydroxytoluene), skimmed milk powder, pressed baker's yeast, table salt, egg powder, unfermented rye malt, bread improver (wheat flour, soybean flour, enzymes, acid ascorbic), preservative calcium propionate.

Nutritional (food) value per 100 g of the product: protein - 5.6 g, of which saturated — 0.9 g; carbohydrates — 55.2 g, of which sugars — 7.4 g; proteins - 9.0 g, salt - 1.2 g.

Energy value/caloric value per 100 g (g) of product: 1298 kJ (kJ)/310 kcal.

Expiration date:  5 days.

Weight: 0,260 kg.