Roma Commercial Manufacturing Company LLC Mill opened in 1996. Production facilities initially allowed to process up to 60 tons of grain per day and it could fully satisfy all the needs of the bread factory.

The increase in demand and expansion of sales volume gave rise to the need in creation of a revolutionary mill complex. Year 2010 witnessed opening of the grain processing enterprise equipped with up-to-date equipment manufactured by UGUR, Turkey.

Currently, the total productive capacity of the grain processing enterprise is 360-380 tons per day (210 tons of white flour, 70 tons of first grade flour, 90 tons of wheat bran).

In 2013, a high-performance granulated bran production line was put into operation at the mill complex. In 2014, certified laboratory of the enterprise underwent a complete make-over with imported equipment and it now allows for a rapid analysis of grain within a few minutes` time.

FLOUR - is the principal raw material used in the production of bread. Our modern high-tech flour production equipment allows us to produce the best wheat flour around. Quality control is carried out by the certified laboratory. Manufactured flour is processed by bread factories and sold within the trading network.

Flour manufacturing products:

  • White wheat flour (packaged), 1 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 2 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 3 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 5 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 10 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 25 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 45 kg
  • White wheat flour (packaged), 50 kg
  • White wheat flour (unpackaged)
  • First grade wheat flour (packaged), 2 kg
  • First grade wheat flour (packaged), 50 kg
  • First grade wheat flour (unpackaged)
  • Medium rye flour (unpackaged), 45 kg
  • Medium rye flour (unpackaged), 1 kg
  • Stern wheat bran (unpackaged), 23 kg
  • Edible wheat bran (unpackaged), 23 kg
  • Edible wheat bran (packaged), 1 kg
  • Wheat bran granulated sold by weight
  • Manna groats (packaged), 0.8 kg
  • Manna groats (packaged), 50 kg
  • Wheat germ (packaged), 30 kg