About us

Roma Commercial Manufacturing Company LLC was founded in 1992 and nowadays it is one of the few companies in Ukraine to have preserved the traditional recipe of top quality bakery products manufacturing. Using only natural ingredients - fermented sourdough, yeast, natural milk, and whey – we manage to create eco-friendly products with a unique taste and high nutritional value.

Roma Commercial Manufacturing Company LLC is a vertically integrated manufacturer, starting from grain processing and flour manufacturing and ending with backing of tasty bread, bread and flour products and pastry in modern packaging.

Uninterrupted round-the-clock operation of the company is carried out by highly qualified specialists working at one of the largest grain processing enterprises around - mill complex with production capacity of 360-380 tons per day (210 tons of white flour, 70 tons of first grade flour, 90 tons of wheat bran, with the possibility of granulation) equipped with modern facilities.

Bread and flour products of Roma Commercial Manufacturing Company LLC are sold in 7 regions of Ukraine, with top-notch flour supplied to a number of largest bread factories of this country, as well as exported to Israel, China, Thailand, Moldova, Azerbaijan and other countries.


  • Слобожанський дуатлон


    ТМ "РОМА" підтримує спортивну молодь! 11 червня в селищі Біляївка при нестійкій погоді, але в теплій дружній атмосфері відбувся 14й Слобожанський дуатлон. Партнером і спонсором виступала ТМ "РОМА".

  • Турнір з художньої гімнастики


    В місті Первомайський 28 травня проходив турнір з художньої гімнастики. Офіційним спонсором виступала ТМ "РОМА". Ми підтримуємо спортивний спосіб життя нашого підростаючого покоління!

  • Joint letter of Likhachev bread baking complex


    The Staff of Likhachev bread baking complex of Pervomayskiy city in Kharkov region is deeply perturbed by the article entitled as “The staff of the largest bread-baking complex in Kharkov region appealed to Poroshenko, asking for economic relations with RF renewal“, published on 29 November, 2016.